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Dream Holiday is what everybody loves. When Holiday is just around the corner, many are excited to plan a trip away from home and loves one. We do research  and organise the trip.  Get our luggage ready, toiletry bag, personal item, travel documents, cash and credit cards, ensure telco-communication roaming service is activated, pay off all utility bills and etc..

But, how many people actually consider about the risk of travelling without travel insurance. Many think that travel insurance is an unnecessary extra cost.

All destinations carry some risks that turn your dream vocations into a nightmare.

Common risks we heard of are travel delay, luggage delay/damage, missed departure, loss of cash/travel documents, trip cancellation due to urgent matters.

How about unseen danger such as natural disaster, terror attacks, burglary when home is left vacant.

Many travelers take things for granted, and make travel insurance as the lowest priority.

We hope that you do not make the same mistake.


What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is an insurance designed to cater your travel needs, it provides coverage for medical expenses, deposit/trip cancellation, travel delay, lost /delay of luggage, missed departure, travel documents, home care, terrorism coverage, and etc…


Why do we need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is the best gift for all traveler, it offers peace of mind, protect your dream vacation gateway.


Who should buy travel Insurance?

Every travelers, young and old should be protected during their vocations, both domestic and overseas aboard.


What are the types of travel insurance?

Adult Plan/Adult Annual Plan/Individual Plan.

Child Plan/Child Annual Plan.

Senior Citizen Plan.

Family Plan for Overseas and Domestic.


How to choose a good travel insurance package?

Start by identifying your most important coverage.

Use a comparison tool to compare plans based on your criteria.


How much is the cost of a travel insurance?

To find out more about the travel plan and cost, please contact us.

Or click here to fill in the Form. We will contact you accordingly.


How to purchase

Travel insurance must be purchase at least two (2) before the travelling date.

Please contact us for travel insurance purchase.

Why choose Allianz Travel Care.

Top 5 Best Travel Insurance 2017.

Reasonable and affordable price.

Adequate Coverage and Benefits.

Allianz help people anywhere, anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year overcome the unexpected when travelling.

What are the coverage.

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