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Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, Hot Springs and Spa Package


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Ticket Inclusive Access to:

  1. Lost World Amusement Park
  2. Lost World Water Park
  3. Lost World Tiger Valley
  4. Lost World Petting Zoo
  5. Lost World Tin Valley
  6. Hot Springs and Spa by Night ***BEST DEAL
  • Important: Please only purchase the E-Voucher and provide the necessary info at least 2 days before your traveling dates. Refer “Redemption Instruction” for more information. Failure to do so will result in no E-Voucher redemption
  • This is excluding meal voucher.
  • FREE admission for children below 2 years old and below 90cm in height.
  • Please WhatsApp +6012-2994816 / +6012-3243498 to confirm E-Ticket availability before purchase

Lost World of Tambun Theme Park, Hot Springs and Spa

Purchase the combo ticket that give you all access to the following parks in Lost World of Tambun:

Ticket Inclusive Access to:

  1. Lost World Amusement Park
  2. Lost World Water Park
  3. Lost World Tiger Valley
  4. Lost World Petting Zoo
  5. Lost World Tin Valley
  6. Hot Springs and Spa by Night *** Best Value!
  • FREE Admission for child below 2 years old 
  • This is not inclusive of meal voucher.
  • Important: Please only purchase the voucher and provide the necessary info at least 2 days before your traveling dates. Refer “Redemption Instruction” for more information. Failure to do so will result in no voucher redemption.

Located in Sunway City in Ipoh, this Lost World of Tambun theme park, water park and spa is hands down the most popular in the state of Perak.

Managed by the Sunway Group, the Lost World of Tambun offers many attractions including an amusement park, water park, adventure park, petting zoo, tiger park and tin-mining experience.
One of the highlights here is Malaysia’s longest man-made adventure river, measuring 660 meters long.

Theme Park Operation Hours:
Weekdays: 11.00am – 6.00pm
Weekends, School and Public Holidays: 10.00am – 6.00pm

Note : Park closed every Tuesday, except on Malaysian school & public holidays.

Lost World Hot Springs and Spa by Night:

Open Daily: 6.00pm – 11.00pm
Crystal Spa Treatment: 12.00noon – 11.00pm

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/5RrFArRtpvC2

No.1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1, Sunway City Ipoh,
31150 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan,

How to Get to Lost World of Tambun:
To get here, drive along the PLUS Highway towards Ipoh, Perak, and then exit at Tambun. From there follow the directions to the theme park.
It’s a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.
There are plenty of hotels and resorts nearby to choose from including the stunning Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat and the Lost World Hotel in the park itself.

Watch the official Lost World of Tambun Theme Park Videos here:

E-Voucher Redemption Instruction

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Important Note:

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Terms and Conditions:

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No refund after purchase of E-Voucher, kindly contact iCosmos Enterprise for your admission date availability confirmation before making your purchase.
– NO REFUND due to rides closure or inclement weather.
– Not valid with any other ongoing offers, discounts, events and/or promotion, including Sunway Pals promotion.
– NO CANCELLATION will be accepted upon confirmation of purchase.
– Sunway Lost World of Tambun Management reserves the right to refuse, alter, amend, delete or add to the stated terms and conditions or withdraw this promotion at any time without prior notice.
– It is passenger’s responsibility to check carefully for any errors made in the booking details and travel vouchers immediately upon getting them.
– Prices are subject to surcharges during Peak season and Holiday season.
– All packages are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
– Tickets are not to be used for touting purpose.
– Other terms & conditions apply.

Here are the list of all the amazing fun that you can get when you visit Lost World of Tambun Theme Park.

Lost World Water Park

Within the dense heat of our ancient rain-forest lies the wonderful Lost World Water Park where you can cool off with endless wet and wild fun! There are thrills and spills for one and all, young and old.

In here, you can dip yoourself in The Jungle Wave Pool, it is Malaysia’s biggest wave pool! You can hit waves that can swell up three feet high! In Adventure River, drift yourself away in a giant rubber tube along Malaysia’s longest man-made adventure river and experience the park in a different light. Take in the sights of ancient limestone hills and get soaked from above by a giant tipping bucket. It’s truly an adventure! Named after its crystal-white sands, Sandy Bay is a perfect place to just bask in the sun with a cool drink in hand! Or engage in a game of volleyball with your friends.

Then bring your kids to Kids Explorabay. This kids-only zone has kid-sized slides and a large, wet, interactive play area with giant tipping buckets, water cannons, spraying elephants, water curtains and fountains. Top this off with a pirate ship ride and your little pirates will be back for more!

Go for more fun at Cliff Racer. This ride is adrenaline-packed! It takes you straight down the coaster at maximum speed! Then it takes you up like you’re going to shoot right through the jungle canopy! Great for bigger kids – and kids at heart.

End with Tube Raiders. It has the longest inflatable tube ride in Malaysia! With four different slides to try, the Tube Raiders is a family favourite as you wind your way down from the top of the giant slides.

Lost World Amusement Park

If you prefer to be on dry land, head off to our amusement park! But remember, you may be dry but  you may not always be on land. Come soar and fly. Get that speedy rush on our thrilling rides. There’s fun to be had by one and all!In here, do take a ride at Adventure Express. Let this ancient locomotive take you and your family on a journey past majestic ruins, surging waters and wild tigers. It’s also a perfect way to get a quick tour of all the attractions in the Lost World of Tambun! Then go for Lupe’s Adventure – Perak’s first-ever roller coaster ! This new addition takes its passengers through some tight turns and quick dives which promises excitement for our young visitors.Then Get on board the Perak Parade! Round and round you go on miniature trains, its easy, fun and great for kids. Come aboard on Storm Rider pirate ship and experience what it might be like on stormy seas! Sit tight as the ship swings 180 degrees. Come aboard some stomach-churning fun! Don’t forget Giddy Galleon – Round and round and round it goes! Another perfect family ride that will get everyone giggling with giddiness. For the finale, take on Dragon Flight! Get seated, belt up and prepare to be swung around in the air! If it doesn’t make you dizzy, come on for another spin!

Lost World Tiger Valley

Tigers are the largest of all wild cats and are renowned for their power and strength. Get up close and personal with Lost World of Tambun very own Siberian Tigers. Watch the trained rangers conduct feeding time for these great cats and be amazed by their agility, strength and power.

The Siberian tiger is reddish-rusty, or rusty-yellow in color, with narrow black transverse stripes and this subspecies rank among the biggest living cats in the world. They are powerful hunters that travel many miles to find prey, such as elk and wild boar, on nocturnal hunts. Tigers use their distinctive coats as camouflage (no two have exactly the same stripes) and hunt by stealth. A hungry tiger can eat as much as 60 pounds (27 kilograms) in one night, though they usually eat less. These cats are also excellent climbers and swimmers as you’ll see if you get the chance to catch our Tiger Feeding Show.

Lost World Petting Zoo

Discover the wonders of Lost World Petting Zoo, a haven of animals from 55 species. It’s truly an adventure and an immersive educational experience.Rabbit Wonderland – Surrounded by a manmade river, this place is truly a wonderland for children. They can get intimate with all kinds of rabbits. The children can also go fishing at the river. They can catch Longkang fish – and even baby fishes! Ruby and Friends – Ruby the raccoon is the star of the Lost World Petting Zoo. This nocturnal mammal is very gentle and absolutely adorable. You can find her and her friends in the enclosure named Ruby and Friends.

Tortoise Kingdom – Look out for the Chinese Box Turtle and the Turtle Senterrapin at the Tortoise Kingdom. This beautifully-themed kingdom has a 30-ft waterfall cascading into a natural river which flows into a pond that is home to many species of tortoise.

Bird Paradise – Being the only aviary to be surrounded by limestone hills and lush green forests, Bird Paradise truly lives up to its name. You will find your feathered friends – 500 birds from 18 species – in a completely natural setting.

Marmoset Tree House – Come discover the white and black-eared marmoset among the trees. These small, squirrel-like monkeys dwell in yet another completely natural setting in the Marmoset Tree  House!

Serpentarium – Be completely surrounded by cold-blooded reptiles as you walk through a transparent  tunnel. See reticulated pythons coiled up in corners. Mangrove snakes slithering on the ground. There may be serpents above you too!

Rain Forest Trail – Be immersed in the sounds and activities of wildlife, such as Squirrels, Foxes, Monkeys, Deers and more. You can have the thrill of being surrounded by completely wild animals at the designated area too. There’s nature in abundance at the Rainforest Trail.

Rock Canopy – Have an educational experience like no other at the five photographic and interactive stations at the Rock Canopies. Get ready to engage all your senses as you learn.

Lost World Tin Valley

Tin mining is one of the oldest industries in Malaya and Ipoh “The City that Tin Built”, became the  meeting point of all the commercial centers of the Kinta Valley.

Tin History Walk – We also have educational boards, explaining the art of tin mining right down to interesting facts on tin and how it has become such an important commodity in international trade  used in hundreds of industrial processes throughout the world.

Tin Trail – Walk in the footsteps of Tin. Learn how tin is mined, from its first form to tin that can be sold. A majority of the artifacts displayed in our Galeria loaned by Ipod World Sdn. Bhd. is a project by the Tenby Schools in Ipoh.

Dulang Washing – The dulang was used to scoop up the earth, mixed with water and by careful swirling of the water, the mud was swept away and the heavier tin ore remained. Kids will have the opportunity to experience ‘dulang washing’— the art of using a dulang to extract tin from the earth  and sand.

Tin Bearers – Elephants were the only mode of transporting the heavy tin ore to the nearest depot. Tin Valley has recreated life-sized stone elephants so visitors will have the opportunity to climb onto its  back to enjoy a birds eye view of the Lost World Tin Valley. This would make an excellent photo opportunity.

Dulang Tea House – Open for tea, Dulang Tea House serves some of the most delectable local favourites that tin workers in days of old used to enjoy. There’s locally roasted coffee, toasted bread with half boiled eggs and other savoury treats. Stop by and enjoy these delights if you’re visiting during tea time!

Lost World Lupe’s Adventure
6th Mile Tunnel – Mud that goes up to your knees. Still waters you have to swim in. Creatures that lurk in the dark. Pointed edges you have to avoid. All within this long tunnel of a pitch-black cave. The perfect place for people to huddle and team up!

13 High Rope Course – Nestled in a natural environment of a spectacular jungle-clad cliff amidst the soothing sounds of a 60 feet waterfall, this 13 High-Rope Course challenges one’s self confidence, self esteem and endurance and building. All-in-all a great character building activity.
Leap of Faith – Experience Malaysia’s first and highest Leap of Faith aka Para Jump. From a height of 65 feet, you will feel the adrenaline rush run through your body. With this element you will rid your fear of heights and give yourself a sense of empowerment.

Via Feratta with Abseil – Via Feratta, Italian for “Iron Road” is a protected climbing route which makes rock climbing an easy activity for beginners. Once at the top, climbers can then abseil down safely with the help of instructors.

Wild Woosey – Two partners have to lean against each other while supported by the rest of their teammates who belay them from below. This element will enhance each others trust and will break down barriers of communication.

Zip Line – The zip-wire has been used as a transportation method for many years. Here’s your chance to experience it. It’s as fun as it looks! Enjoy the thrill of flying, as you zip across a 120 meter long cable over Tasik Cermin.

Kayak Mania – Get ready to get wet. Get ready to be brave. For our challenges may require you to overcome your fears. Kayak activities include going underwater, capsizing, balancing and coordination, climbing over and zig-zagging.

Triple X Challenge – Held amidst the natural limestone hills of Tasik Cermin, numerous activities are carved out to bring out competitiveness and enhance team-building. Challenges focus on bringing out the leader in every participant.

Super Adventure Race – Rafting. Jungle trekking, Caving, Cliff racing, Scaling the Needle of Tambun. These are just a few of the 12 challenges in the race. Communication skills, team building and motivation are essential!

Zorb Ball – Roll downhill in a huge human hamster ball! Turn your stomach inside-out with 5 minutes of awesome topsy turvy tumbling.

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa

Lost World Hot Springs & Spa is the place to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Just immerse yourself in our 100% natural mineral hot springs. The concentrated minerals in our hot springs will refresh you after a long day of exhausting fun!

SAPHIRA’S LAIR – The Saphira’s Lair is specially created for children, portraying a virtual world complete with luminous and colorful light to illuminate the glowing rain forest. When the sun sets in the evening, the luminous lights take its place at the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa. Not only children get to spend quality time with their families and friends too can benefit from the hot springs water and its healing properties.

INFINITY POOL – Unlike any other man-made hot springs, it is specially designed to function as a true spa. The Infinity Pool can accommodate up to 300 people at once and is surrounded by the serene and calming sounds of the volcanic waterfall.

CRYSTAL POOL – The Crystal Pool at Lost World Hot Springs & Spa is specially designed with crystal tiles that glimmers reflecting the sunlight by day. And by night the Crystal Pool will be bathed in colorful lights which would make a dip in this pool interesting and relaxing. This Crystal Pool can also be privately reserved as a VIP pool.

CRYSTAL SPA – Crystal Spa is a spa facility where visitors can enjoy body therapy at a nominal charge. The spa offers aromatherapy and head & shoulder massage within the privacy and comfort of your own massage hut. Treat yourself to an invigorating massage of your choice and feel rejuvenated from the inside out. Crystal spa is open from 3pm – 11pm.

THE GEYSER OF TAMBUN – The Geyser of Tambun sprout thermal hot springs water 40 feet up and will tremendously impact a pleasant surprise as it erupts every hour. With subtle lighting effects it excludes a beautiful experience for those who visit at night.

LOST WORLD STEAM CAVE – To experience the true spa, the Lost World Steam Cave is great because it acts as a sauna, promoting detoxification leaving the skin clean and refreshed, whilst encourages blood circulation. A visit to the Lost World Steam Cave may be what you need to de-stress.

TOP OF THE WORLD POOL – Right at the very top of the Lost World Hot Springs & Spa sits the Top of the World Pool. This pool is a jacuzzi pool with pampering massage water jets that allows a full range of therapeutic hydro-massage for muscles, joints and pressure points.

FOOT SPA – The Foot Spa is a unique pool of reflexology pebbles fitted to the floor. Visitors can walk on the pebbles while enjoying the hot springs water soothing their feet. It cleanses the body of toxins and impurities and also stimulates the production of endorphins, leading to an improved immune system and sense of well-being.

Jungle Wave Pool – The Jungle Wave Pool is Malaysia’s biggest wave pool and it’s now open at night for your enjoyment.
Ipoh Street – Modelled after a typical street in Ipoh town, Ipoh Street at Lost World of Tambun is every bit as charming as the original. With popular street food and snacks, Ipoh Street is a welcomed sight after a good dip at the hot springs.
Zorb Ball @ Night – Roll around in a giant hamster ball with a finale that sees you crashing into the beach! Guests can now enjoy this thrilling activity into the night.
Flaming Percussions – A merry band of fire eaters, jugglers and percussionists performs a perfectly medley of beats, dance and fiery entertainment. Performing nightly, these rowdy folks never fails to get your feet tapping to its jungle beat and take your breath away with daring stunts and tricks with fire.


1. What are all the access offered by Lost World of Tambun?
  1. Lost World Amusement Park
  2. Lost World Water Park
  3. Lost World Tiger Valley
  4. Lost World Petting Zoo
  5. Lost World Tin Valley
  6. Hot Springs and Spa by Night (from 6pm to 11pm)
2. Can the E-Voucher be bought by non-Malaysian? Is the ticket price still same?
Yes, the E-Voucher can be bought by Malaysian and non-Malaysian. Same price applies.
3. Is there any hidden fess?
No, there is no hidden fees.
4. How can I get the tickets?
iCosmos will email the E-Voucher to you after you send the email to redeem the E-Voucher. Then you need to print out the E-Voucher, and use it to redeem the admission tickets on the day of your travel. Refer Redemption Instruction for more details.
5. Is this an open date E-Voucher?
No, this is not an open date E-Voucher. Please kindly confirm the date of travel when you redeem the E-Voucher, as the date will be printed on the E-Voucher and can’t be amended after that.
6. Can I change the date of travel after I redeem the E-Voucher?
No, there is no amendment for the date of travel after the E-Voucher redemption.
7. What is the validity of the E-Voucher?
The E-Voucher is valid until 31st Dec 2017.
8. Can I buy the Lost World of Tambun E-Voucher at iCosmos office?
As this is E-Voucher, all purchase is online and by email only.
9. How do I know iCosmos Enterprise is a trusted seller?
iCosmos Enterprise has been verified by CyberSecurity Malaysia, and ICT security specialist services provider accredited by the Malaysian Government and member of the World Trustmark Alliance. Kindly click here for details.
10. Do you sell Sunway Lagoon Senior Citizen tickets?
Yes, you can purchase Senior Citizen tickets for the Senior Citizen at discounted rate.
11. It’s my birthday, do I get any special discount?
Happy Birthday! We love to make your day a special one. Contact +6012-3243498 with your proof of birthday and get a special mystery treat from us! ?
12. If I want to cancel my trip, do I get refund?
Lost World of Tambun Theme Park is such a nice play to go! Why would you want to cancel it? However, we do understand that there are circumstances where you really need to cancel it. However, under our policy, we unable to offer any cancellation, amendment and refund of any kind.
13. If the weather is not favourable on the date of my travel, can I change the E-Voucher date and get a refund?
No, no cancellation and refund due to inclement of weather. PS: Do check the weather forecast before you purchase your E-Vouchers. Plan your trip accordingly.
14. What is the opening hours for Lost World of Tambun?
Lost World of Tambun Theme Park opens daily from 11am to 6pm, except Tuesday. During weekend, Public Holiday and School Holiday, the Theme Park opens from 10am to 6pm.  Hot Springs and Spa open daily from 6pm to 11pm.
15. Does the Lost World of Tambun E-Voucher includes meal voucher?
No, it doesn’t include meal voucher. Please kindly purchase a separate meal voucher when you select the option as well.
16. How can I get extra discount for this Lost World of Tambun E-Voucher?
If you are travelling in a group of more than 20 people, school or university trip, NGO, orphanage home and volunteer project, we can offer a special price. Contact us at +6012-3243498 for the treat from us.
17. Do you have cashback for this promotion?
Yes, once a while we do offer cashback. Check out our main page regularly for more cashback and even freebies!
18. Do you have any Lost World of Tambun Family package?
Yes, we have. You can WhatsApp us at +6012-3243498 to get the family package offer.

 With so many goodies in store for you in Lost World of Tambun, wait no more, book you ticket now, and get ready for the unforgettable moment with your loved ones!

 Transform your dreams into reality today!

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